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Christmas Presence

By: Daniel M Warloch

Worth Their Weight In Blood

By: Carole Jahme

Love Lies Bleeding

By: Janis Hetherington

The Sheikh's Detective

By: Arif Alwan

Guest Boy

Light Piercing Water

By: Djelloul Marbrook

Sailing the World


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Love Lies Bleeding

Memoirs of A Sexual Revolutionary

in the Media


4 Thought TV

Who says I can't have kids?


Daily Mail

This is Janis ..


The Independent

There are lots of gay families out there


Northampton Chronicle

Lesbian mum still fighting prejudice


BBC Oxford

Love Lies Bleeding


Banbury Guardian

Sexual revolutionary bares all in new autobiography


Yorkshire Post

Janis Hetherington:

My life, my child and the breakthrough for lesbians that put me in the headlines


BBC Radio Leeds

One On One

With Liz Green


BBC Radio WM

with Jo Malin




In Association with New Dalmoun Translation

Philip Larkin. An Outsider Poet

Unique study by F. Assultani


New Release..

African Cowboy. Living Dreams

By Philip Phil-Ebosie

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